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    Hello! 👋 My name is Mackenly Jones. I'm the owner and founder of Tricities Media Group.


    In October of 2018, I started my business, Tricities Media Group, with the mission of creating high-quality and innovative, creative solutions for small
    business and non-profit clients.

    Over the past four years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients locally in the Tricities region of East Tennessee (where the name comes from), domestically, and even internationally. Through those engagements, I’ve been able to watch my clients reach their goals and further their interests with the help of my digital services. 📈

    My mission is simple - deliver quality work that not only meets but exceeds every client's expectations.

    Our Approach

    When it comes to creative agencies and web designers, they're literally a dime 🪙💰 a dozen. So what makes TMG different?

    We use emojis.

    Kidding. (sorta)

    Our approach to creativity is creative problem-solving. When we speak to a potential client, nearly every client has a problem they need to solve. Maybe that's sales, their public image, user experiences, or something else entirely.

    Rather than selling a productized service, our goal as a creative agency is to help solve unique business problems using our outside perspective and expertise to discover a solution that resolves the issue. Much like a surgeon rather than a pharmacist, we take the role of a creative practitioner who diagnoses and treats problems on a case-by-case basis.

    We're not an agency of record or a full-service creative agency. Instead, our focus is on digital strategy and web dev/design. We're not the place to get a new logo or produce a TV series. Instead, we'll happily refer you to other places that specialize in that line of work. Our specialty is creating digital strategies that utilize custom web platforms and experiences. What does that mean? We build websites, applications, and platforms rooted in research-driven strong digital strategy. 🤓

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    By Mackenly Jones

    Web Dev + Interactive Developer on a mission to reshape modern communication one line at a time.

    Updated February 2, 2023