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Announcing Cloudflare Magic Linker Chrome Extension

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Announcing Cloudflare Magic Linker Chrome Extension

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Tricities Media Group is pleased to announce the release of a new community tool called Cloudflare Magic Linker to help create sharable deep links into the Cloudflare and Zero Trust dashboards. This Chrome extension published on the Chrome Webstore allows users of the Cloudflare dashboard to easily copy preformatted magic links to make communicating with coworkers, clients, and other users more straightforward.

Why did we create this tool? Cloudflare's services are a core part of our software development and cyber security stack. The Cloudflare product suite is one that enables Tricities Media Group to serve our clients with the fastest, latest, and most secure technologies possible. This extension will help us communicate faster and more effectively as well as provide an opportunity for us to give back to the community through open-source tools.

To read more about the process and purpose behind this tool, visit Cloudflare Magic Linker: Chrome Extension Project, a post on our blog CRTV.DEV.

Users can install and use the tool by downloading it from the Chrome Webstore or by getting the source code from GitHub.

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By Mackenly Jones

Web Dev + Interactive Developer on a mission to reshape modern communication one line at a time.

Updated December 31, 2023

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