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Tricities Media Group Zaraz Developer Certification

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Tricities Media Group Zaraz Developer Certification

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Tricities Media Group Achieves Zaraz Developer Certification, Enhancing Cloudflare Integration Services

This prestigious certification marks a significant milestone for Tricities Media Group, positioning it as a leading consultant for Cloudflare Zaraz integration and development.

Cloudflare Announcement:


Rogersville, TN 2/13/24: Tricities Media Group, a Rogersville-based software development consultancy, is proud to announce its achievement of becoming a Zaraz Certified Developer. This certification underscores the company's expertise and commitment to providing cutting-edge technology development services using tools like Cloudflare Zaraz, designed to optimize the loading of third-party scripts and tools on websites, ensuring enhanced security, privacy, and performance.

Tricities Media Group has been at the forefront of offering hands-on support and maintenance for Zaraz, assisting clients in navigating the complexities of this sophisticated technology. By achieving Zaraz Developer Certification, Tricities Media Group joins an elite group of developers recognized for their deep understanding and expertise in Cloudflare Zaraz, capable of handling migrations, configurations, and providing ongoing support.


Mackenly Jones, the owner of Tricities Media Group, expressed enthusiasm about the certification, "I'm thrilled that TMG has been recognized as a Zaraz Certified Developer. This achievement not only highlights our dedication to mastering the latest technologies but also our commitment to helping our clients leverage these tools to their maximum potential. We are now even better equipped to support businesses in optimizing their online presence, ensuring fast, secure, and efficient website performance."

The certification process involved an intensive training program and examination to validate the developers' comprehensive knowledge of Zaraz, from basic implementations to advanced configurations. Tricities Media Group's certification is a testament to their proficiency and readiness to assist businesses in enhancing their digital infrastructure with Zaraz technology.

In addition to direct client support, Tricities Media Group is eager to contribute to the Zaraz community by leveraging the open-sourced Managed Components technology. This initiative is aimed at fostering innovation and expanding the ecosystem for Zaraz, making it an increasingly attractive option for both small and large websites seeking to improve their website performance and security even when using non-standard analytics and data tools.

About Tricities Media Group

Tricities Media Group is a digital agency that provides web and application development services specializing in creating websites and web applications that are user-friendly, responsive, and easy to use.

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By Mackenly Jones

Web Dev + Interactive Developer on a mission to reshape modern communication one line at a time.

Updated May 10, 2024

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